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Even though Janeane Davis, a suburban Philadelphia mom of four, has been talking to her kids about sex since they were young, she still finds it surprising that teens say their parents have the most power when it comes to their decisions about sex.

“I expected that in my house, but I didn’t expect that to be true across the country, and so that’s kind of encouraging to know that as parents, we can still influence our children,” said Davis, whose kids are 9, 14 and 21 and who blogs at Janeane’s World.

First, they should realize that the conversation is as hard for the teen as it is for the adult, Ehrlich said. As soon as the adult brings it up, the teen goes, ‘Oh, no!

’ and vice versa: As soon as the teen brings it up, the adult is like, ‘Oh, no!

In the most recent survey, released in October, 52% of children ages 12 to 15 said their parents have the most influence when it comes to sex, with friends far behind at 17%.

For the 16 to 19 age group, 32% of teens say their parents carry the most weight, with 28% saying their friends have the most influence.

“And so I did, and she was looking at me: ‘Why are you telling me this?

I don’t want to know any of this,’ ” recounted Graber, co-founder of Cyber Wise.org, a digital media literacy platform for tweens and teens, teachers and parents.

It’s just part of the developmental process in many, many cases, so I think it’s fair for adults to believe what their teens are telling them, and the reality is that teens are clearly saying, especially younger teens and even 16- to 19-year-olds, their parents absolutely matter,” said Ginny Ehrlich, chief executive officer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

However, when parents are asked who they think most influences their teens’ decisions about sex, friends come out far on top.

Nearly 60% of more than 2,000 adults over 18 surveyed nationally said friends carry the most weight, in findings released exclusively to CNN, while just 11% said that parents were the biggest influencers.

“I feel like it’s so different for parents today because they don’t have that opportunity to break the news to them.” Graber says her sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders are often seeing a lot of sexual imagery that’s sometimes confusing to them.

A widely touted statistic is that 70% of children between 7 and 18 have stumbled upon pornography accidentally.

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“For years after, even now today, she is 21 years old, she said, ‘You told me that stuff way too young.’ But as a parent, you just don’t know.

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