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The designer was wrong also because his announcement on media sosial without confirmation to the actress or agency with hard effort.I know YEh has so many talent, she is able to draw, design also. watch the reports/episode and compare the "so-called plagiarized white coat" w/c I also did, before you comment here.I always love your drama and movie and especially your photo shoot in every magazine, they are all so gorgeous.

love her good personality, professional and cheerful attitude while shooting. (hope unnie or her agency read all of testimonies about her here) Hi Princess/Lady Yoon Eun-Hye we are so happy that you are already came back in the korean drama television.. I really love you as an actress and it makes me giggles every time i watch your drama's. I've watched most of her dramas and Little Black Dress. She has incredible range as an actress, and she is beautiful!!! I hope you'll be casting in one of the dramas this year!!

Who knows there might have been, but designers didn't give shits on it as they know the essence of fashion.

She also clearly explained why & how they came up w/ he design and did not just copy them.

Haters are indication that you’ve “made it” to an extent. I've come to know K dramas because of you in Princess Hours! I myself love fashion and I've encountered a lot of design which are VERY SIMILAR but hadn't been reported to be plagiarized because they weren't worn on a well known TV show featuring designs or who knows there could have been but designers didn't give shits on it as they know the essence of fashion.

You are a bright, smart, talented, gifted and beautiful person. You are dearly loved and respected all over the world. She also already explained how she came up w/ the design and did not just copy the white coat.

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