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It allowed House and Senate intel staffers and members to see the ads, but it wouldn't let them keep copies of them.Tom Reynolds, a spokesman for Facebook, noted that his company provided the ads to the investigatory panels on Capitol Hill on a voluntary basis.'Federal law and the ongoing investigation may limit what we can release publicly,' he said.It reportedly refused to turn over a draft memo on the ad-buying strategy it says was used by Vladimir Putin 's government, too.'It’s always a little problematic when you come before a committee and show them documents and then take them back,' Sen.Mark Warner, the top Democrat on Senate Intel said before Zuckerberg's announcement.Legislators of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees worried that Facebook was withholding evidence that could rip the lid off Russia 's propaganda campaign during the 2016 election.Yesterday afternoon, Zuckerberg said Facebook would turn over the ads anyway.Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch explained the company's change of heart in a post yesterday that accompanied Zuckerberg's announcement.

In Wisconsin specifically, Clinton has claimed that there were Republican-led efforts at voter suppression.Russian interference is one of the reasons for her loss which Clinton has mentioned in her laundry list of who and what she blames.But Trump has dismissed it as a 'hoax' and 'fake news'.Senate Intel head Richard Burr said Tuesday that he would ask Facebook to come before the committee sometime this fall.'I can only go by what I’ve heard them say publicly, and they’ve expressed they don’t have anything to hide, so a public hearing would be very appropriate,' Burr said.It was Warner's questioning during a May visit to Facebook that led lawmakers to Russia's misuse of the social platform's ad service in the first place.

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What about the totally biased and dishonest Media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary? His framing of the controversy as part of the 'Russian hoax' casts new doubt on the Republican president's position on disruptive behavior that four U. 'Nobody really knows for sure,' he said during a July news conference.

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