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Start with customizing your avatar to look desirable, and take the time to flirt.

You should also remember that for a lot of players, this game is role play.

In 2003, Linden Lab, a San Fran-based gaming and VR company, launched Second Life.

12 years later, more than a million users around the globe play the online game - although Linden Lab insists that Second Life is not a game at all.

One way is to create mesh - basically, design or sculpt products to sell in the marketplace for profit.

It gets even weirder once you realise that Kristen’s mother logged on to Second Life to see her “daughter” Kira wed Nik and that Steve’s mate was his best man, watching, all choked up, on the sidelines.An interesting consequence of this is that players, provided they have enough time, can actually use Second Life as a kind of substitute for actually getting a real-life job.There are several ways to earn Linden dollars in big quantities, and later sell or exchange them for real-life dollars.The sex is between the avatars, not the real people behind their computer screens, and the other person might not want to hear about what you're doing with your spare hand. You always need consent - that's just common sense.Virtual rape is not even remotely cool, and will get you banned.

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The bizarre event was the culmination of five months of cyber-dating, during which time Kirsten and Steve’s avatars met in Second Life, struck up a virtual rapport, had virtual sex and moved in together, virtually.

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