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It's easy to use, has a cool time-bar showing whether you are ahead or behind the schedule as you answer the questions, and after completion you get a detailed summary of skills. I recommend taking this test if you want to improve your English and get quick results.

For the past several months, I’ve been actively exploring 3D relationships with men and women as well as 4D relationships with women, as explained in Enjoying Rich and Abundant Relationships. in our human relationships we have 4 basic ways of connecting with each other: A 3D connection means that we’re connecting strongly in 3 of these areas.

We know how to turn each other on with ease, and we love to tease each other and play with the flow of sexual and emotional energy between us.

This year I’ve only had the chance to explore a few 4D relationships, with varying degrees of depth and duration.

This is the best preparation you can get to improve your English level and score better on the English tests that universities use as part of their admission requirements.

Check your knowledge of English grammar and your level of understanding complex texts in English, improve your language skills and save money.

They require more compatibility than 3D relationships, so in that sense it can be more challenging to find a solid match.

One of these 4D relationships is with my girlfriend Rachelle.

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A 4D connection means we’re connecting in all 4 aspects. One reason that some friends and I were able to create a new audio program in only 3 days last week (9-10 hours of very powerful content) is that we have 3D friendships (mind, heart, spirit).

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