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Whenever you see ads or emails claiming to give you a free i Phone or i Pad, ask yourself “Would it happen to me walking down the street?

”; Two of those tips are related to web-based exploit protection while the first is fairly obvious.

Above all, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that security software or your favourite operating system will save you having to make sensible choices about what links and attachments you open.

Make sure you download antivirus software from vendors that you trust and never run more than one AV tool on your PC at the same time.

If you can’t bear to spend money on security software (preferably a full-strength security suite), then at least look into the possibility of reinforcing your free anti-virus with other free but genuine, reliable security software such as a browser sandbox.

Having argued (convincingly, I hope) for multi-layering, on the grounds that where one approach fails, another might succeed, I’m going to mention a security layer that often gets overlooked: you.

How can you configure them to make the best of that security?(Check your browser for a padlock or a URL beginning with https:// for some certainty and don’t ever visit a download link sent you via email – see point #2 above) After more than a quarter century in security, it still seems to me that many people still expect to find a 100 per cent solution for all the security issues that plague us, and are furious when a solution doesn’t meet their expectations.Unfortunately, vendor marketing isn’t good at expectation management, often offering simplistic solutions to complex problems, single solutions that are supposed to render all other products obsolete.If your login credentials are ever grabbed by a hacker – and with the number of data breaches in the news every week it’s a case of when, not if – the attacker will have inadvertently gained access to your entire digital world.If creating a large number of complex, hard to guess passwords is a challenge consider using a password manager such as Last Pass which can store all your credentials for you, leaving you with just one master password to remember.

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