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Posted by / 07-May-2018 14:39

Oddly enough, when we attempted to install AVG Free 2015, it didn’t want to install any of these things on our computer.

Because AVG has offered so many toolbars and other similar things in the past, we’re not sure if this marks a change for them or if it’s only temporary. Bit Defender offers a stripped-down free antivirus.

It doesn’t attempt to install any junkware or toolbars on your system, and we’re not aware of any time in the past that Bit Defender Free actually bundled toolbars or similar junk.

Bit Defender is still pursuing the strategy of attempting to upsell you to the paid product.

This tool could be quite useful in combination with another antivirus, like Microsoft’s free Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials solution.

But it’s not a standalone free antivirus you can depend on, as it lacks the real-time scanning.

AVG has to provide instructions for uninstalling these things.Malware Bytes doesn’t attempt to install any extra junk on your computer, although the free version doesn’t offer real-time protection.To their credit, Malware Bytes is offering a free tool that’s useful for manual scans — it even picks up and detects much of the adware other programs install — and encouraging you to pay for a more full-featured product.To Panda’s credit, they at least don’t attempt to trick you by offering you a renamed Yahoo search engine or home page. ’s installer also tries to install additional software you might not want.We’ve seen Dropbox offered here in the past, but avast!

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