Ado net updating

Posted by / 21-Aug-2017 23:25

Ado net updating

Here is snapshot of Show All Customer Details View.After complete adding Show All Customer Details page now we will implement Edit and Update parts of application.In that provide name as Default1Controller and click on the Add button to add it.Now we will add a folder and class for accessing a Database Connection and doing the inserting, updating and deleting.

Let's start adding the controller Select Controller a new Window will then pop up asking for the Controller name.We have completed Edit/Update part of Controller and View lets finally move towards last option Delete.Let's add two new Action Methods to the same Controller for Deleting Records.After completing add Insert Customer now let’s add View to it.For adding View Just right click on Action result Insertcustomer add select "Add View" After selecting Add View we will get a New Window.

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We are going to use Customer table for performing CRUD Operation.