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Overall, I wanted my clothes to fit better, have a more feminine figure, and balance out the lower half of my body. Creams, pills, well known herbs, massages, eating high estrogen foods, etc. My bras started to get tighter, and started to get legit cleavage!

However, getting a boob job has never been an option. I started to try everything the internet told me would work. With bikini season rapidly approaching, I decided to do what any woman in desperation would do. Then suddenly, they started to grow little by little.

Below are my attempts at growing boobs as an adult. This is the only time in my life I’m happy about something giggling when I walk!!! No bullshit, Pueraria Mirifica, made my boobs grow. However, keep in mind, some internet reviews say your period may be delayed on irregular.

I ordered some off Amazon, and started taking them 2x/day. I noticed them to be more full after 1 month, they slowly grew each week after.

I read about a few side effects, such as irregular menstruation, healthy skin, nails, and overall glowing skin. I then made up my mind I obviously needed to try this s**t for myself. Did the results go away after you stopped taking them?

Without a thick uterine lining to shed, your periods may be lighter.

Eventually, you may not experience any bleeding at all.

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