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The teenager landed head first, losing his front teeth.Within the next few hours, Bryant and Milam somehow learned that the wolf-whistler was staying at the home of "Preacher" Moses Wright.Parks wrote, "the news of Emmett's death caused me..participate in the cry for justice and equal rights." The trial of Roy Bryant and J. Milam for the murder of Till shook the conscience of a nation and helped spark the movement for civil rights for black Americans.On July 25, 1941, Mississippi-born Mamie Till gave birth to a son, Emmett Louis, at Cook County Public Hospital in Chicago.

The town was rife with talk about the incident at Bryant's store.Till's cousin described it as "a loud wolf whistle, a big city 'whee wheeeee!'" Till's Mississippi cousins instantly knew that Till had broken a longstanding taboo relating to social conduct between blacks and whites, and that they were in grave danger.Spotting a black teenager walking home with some molasses and snuff, Bryant ordered Washington to throw the boy in the back of the truck, and Washington did so.When Carolyn emerged from the truck to tell Bryant, "That's not the nigger! ", Bryant ordered Washington to throw him out the truck.

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When Bryant placed the candy on top of the counter, Till grabbed her right hand tightly and asked, "How about a date, baby?

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