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Alec texted his daughter a link to an Entertainment Tonight story that showed a photo of her getting “cozy” with 39-year-old Tao Ruspoli, the ex-husband of Olivia Wilde. #morningtextswithdad #whotakesphotosofpeopleat7am #ihateeveryone," she added.

Daily News launches Android version of its news app, updates i OS app with major upgrades "Oooooooooooooooo," the actor added.

The “30 Rock” star then teased his daughter by asking if she was getting married.

Standing 6 feet, 2 inches tall with blue eyes and golden hair, Ireland Baldwin, daughter of rageaholic actor Alec Baldwin, is a ravishing model of 18.

Alec Baldwin likes to keep track of celebrity gossip — at least when it involves his daughter Ireland.

The 19-year-old model shared a text message from her famous dad Thursday on Instagram, in which he asked her about rumors she was dating an older man. Ireland shared the text exchange on Instagram, noting that “this is what happens when you get coffee with friends.” “You get coffee and then you get pregnant and then it spirals out of control from there...

"This is a positive sign," Conan O’Brien said on his late-night show Wednesday night.Any reservations I had about homosexuality dissolved three years ago when my niece, whom I adore, married a lovely lady in Massachusetts.A majority of Americans — 56 percent — support same-sex marriage, and it’s legal in 19 states and the District of Columbia.The “Battlecry’’ rapper retweeted a May 1 pic focused on Ireland’s cleavage and captioned it, “I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mineeeee.’’ On May 5, Ireland wished Angel a “Happy cinco de mayo xx” on Instagram, posting a photo of the pair seated on the ground, kissing.Ireland took things to the next level May 21, tweeting, “Don’t let this go to your head, but you’re the best I’ve ever had.’’ I haven’t a clue if Ireland and Angel are just friends, in love or messing with Alec’s head. But on June 4, the gals were spotted by paparazzi after eating brunch with friends in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

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Alec tweeted that the lensman was an “ex-crackhead.” Alec and Ireland have made peace since 2007, when the actor ranted into his then-11-year-old daughter’s answering machine, calling her “a rude, thoughtless little pig’’ for failing to answer his phone calls. He said he was stressed out by a child-custody battle with Ireland’s mom and Alec’s first wife, the actress Kim Basinger, who he said alienated the child from him. They wear war paint on their faces, scream chants and learn how to carry AK-47 assault rifles.