An error occurred while updating the firmware 6721

Posted by / 05-Jan-2018 20:27

An error occurred while updating the firmware 6721

It is suggested to review the following blog articles as some of the concepts in this article are explained in much more depth and thus a solid understanding of how the devices function can often be key to interpreting the observed behavior of the device.

Lync supports a variety of different authentication methods and understanding which method is used, when, and why is important when troubleshooting any issues.

Normally only one client certificate issued by ‘Communications Server’ would appear in a standard user’s store. As covered extensively in previous articles, PIN authentication is only available on the Aries family of Lync Phone Edition devices and this method of signing into a phone using only the user’s phone number (or extension) leverages only the TLS-DSK certificate method.

Also know as ‘Better Together’ this approach is only applicable for devices which have a USB Type B connector.Only NTLM authentication can be used by any Lync clients to directly connect to the Exchange Client Access Server to access the account’s mailbox.Any device which does not currently have valid AD credentials cached (e.g.Alternatively the touch-screen equipped Tanjay devices (e.g.CX700) does support NTLM because a user is presented with a full keyboard in which a SIP address, AD credentials, and password can be entered directly from the device.

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PIN Authentication was used) will not be able to successfully authenticate to an Exchange Server.