Arranged marriage dating site

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Arranged marriage dating site

It was a convenient way to keep community ties and help family and friends find a good match.

Of course the world of dating has changed so drastically that the practice has gone in the way of the drive-in movie and the sock hop. But then a thing occurred to me: online dating has developed in so many ways, is it possible to bring it full circle and make it more of an arranged practice?

Matrimony sites have themselves to blame for just mimicking archaic practices and making them available online.

So, does this mean that the end of arranged marriages is just round the corner?

Indians are masters in embracing the new and the old.

(a=f);var b=i(a);if(CSS&&! Some of us even hail this trend as a sign of women’s liberation. Some young, educated, Indians are disgusted at the thought of being “sold and traded” by their parents through matrimony sites.Parents with limited personal/friend networks don’t have any other option other than to use these online matrimony sites.

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I contacted him to thank him, and we had a short discussion about my article.