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News that while Monjack "obviously was a shady guy," LAPD detectives in a case like this rely on the coroner's report to guide them.

"If the coroner concludes it is 'accidental' death, there isn't much police can do unless there is other evidence to suggest foul play.

Had they taken her to a doctor or a hospital, it would have been treatable."Of course, there is a big difference between her loved ones exercising poor judgment and not getting Brittany to a doctor as she struggled to breathe in her final hours and actual criminal behavior. News' investigation, the LAPD never investigated her death as anything but accidental.

Despite questions about Monjack's personal character, a law enforcement source familiar with the case tells E!

Drugs May Have Played a Bigger Role Than Initially Believed: Sources tell E!

And in that sense, Murphy's death is among the stickiest, chiefly because many believe that far more questions than answers linger.

reality series when psychic Tyler Henry told her during a reading he felt a spirit was communicating that a "Brittany" in Jamie's life had been in a manipulative situation and was badly influenced by someone close to her.

That exchange reignited previous suspicions that Brittany's husband had not only been a negative influence on Brittany (who late in her brief life never matched her early career successes in hits such as 1.

Although no evidence of the effects of a mold infection was found in Brittany's body by the coroner, the results of any environmental reviews of the 10,000-square-foot property have never been made public.

Further, the LAPD won't confirm or deny whether her father's claims of possible "rat poisoning" due to the presence of barium in Brittany's system have been investigated.

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"Brittany, forgive me—people don't seem to want to hear it. Brittany was making these god-awful films that went straight to DVD—so horrible that she wanted to kill herself."Monjack's comments did little to help his tarnished public image.4.