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A die-hard Margaret Thatcher fan, she arrived in Britain from Pakistan in the 1960s as an illiterate child bride.She had two things to do for the rest of her days: be a dutiful wife and mother. Had she stayed in Pakistan that would have been her entire life. She saw a woman take charge of the entire country – the daughter of a green grocer, a mother of two, a grafter no less – and she thought, “here I can be more”.

For me, Britain has always been a country of opportunity, where you are not judged by where you come from or what you look like or how you speak. There might be a few stumbles and trips along the way.

Borrowing my school library card, my mother taught herself to read and write using Ladybird books.

She got her independence by jumping on and off buses and getting lost.

This was my first time primary photographing this type of Jewish wedding, and let me tell you it was one of the most energetic and fun dance floor crowds ever!

I absolutely loved documenting this day for them, witnessing the deep traditions and customs, and pretty much being treated like one of the family.

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