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Behappydating com

The physiological feeling of fear is identical to the feeling of having a crush on somebody – the exact feeling you’re hoping to recapture for your sweety.Moreover, there’s a direct correlation between stimulation of your central nervous system and sexual arousal – meaning that that things that excite you are going to So skip the romantic dinners for dancing, rock climbing or chugging some coffee and hitting some roller-coasters instead. “Well be sure to tell that to the President when he comes by.” When President Coolidge was brought to the chicken yard and his wife’s message had been relayed, he asked “Does the rooster mate with the same hen every time?

So whether you train together to beat a zombie race, enter a swing dance competition or join a bowling league, working together to overcome adversity (even if it’s not Now before you start wondering just what’s allowed when you’re on “a break”, this doesn’t mean that you’re putting your relationship on hold, nor does it necessarily mean that you’re spending enforced time away from one another.

This doesn’t mean going out and making out with a stranger and coming back to your snugglebunny to actually get the payoff, just that you build up your sexual tension and arousal elsewhere.

One method is to watch porn together; the variety offered by online porn can trigger the novelty switch, even when the actual pay-off is with your long-term partner.

Other options might include taking a girls (or guy’s) night out to go party and flirt with strangers, a trip to a strip club or even social dancing where switching partners is expected (such as in swing dancing) can get you charged up…

before you head home with your honey and tear each other’s clothes off.

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While having alone time – even separate vacations – can be important for maintaining a happy relationship, what I’m talking about is Interruption can be a powerful technique, especially for reviving and maintaining the spark of passion in your life.

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