Belfast sluts

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Belfast sluts

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I was still really tired though so I went straight to bed when I got home and didn’t even think to look for my phone until I got up at about 6pm or so.

“I don’t even remember sending those messages to my friend to be honest. I eventually plucked up the courage to call her but it must have been on vibrate as she didn’t answer the first few times.

#alsowhatiswrongwiththeworld X1VRAD AM - 17 Jul 14Reply Retweet Favorite Emily [email protected] Follow Why just shame the girls??

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sandra [email protected] Follow WTF is wrong with the young ones did they not learn after magaluf girl n slanegirl now another pic pops up outside el divino nite club :( PM - 11 Jul 14Reply Retweet Favorite Amber Mc [email protected] Rose Follow Someone on Facebook just called ONLY those girls caught having sex outside in Belfast "sluts"- sorry, what about the guys below them?

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