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他の人とくらべて黒人はHIVや他の性感染症や病気を持っている可能性が高いと決めつけないこと。本当にお願いだからテレビを消してくれ! 27. 「試してみたい」「どんな感じか知りたい」ために黒人と付き合わないこと。流行ファッションみたいに、飽きたらポイっと捨てて新しいモノへ走るのはわかっています。 30. アフリカを国とみなしたり、アフリカ大陸と国との対比をしないこと(例:アフリカと日本の対比など)。アフリカ大陸には54ヵ国と2000以上の民族と言語が存在します。あなたが無知なだけ。 31. 黒人と繋がるために「Dope(ドープ)」「Swag(スワグ)」「Gangsta(ギャングスタ)」等の言葉を使わないこと。黒人全員がその言葉を理解するわけでも、同じ言葉を喋るわけではありません。 32. 音楽の趣味を決めつけないこと。黒人全員がヒップホップ、R&Bやレゲエを好きなわけではありません。 33. And Miles would like to give a big shout out to Mai Ok for her translation work and for providing some Japanese people’s perspectives. Loco PPS: Sign-up for my mailchimp Locohama Newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about upcoming stuff, be kept up on happenings in this part of the world, and a lot of exclusive content as well…You may also find that some black men do not react or react positively to them. Please understand these things are generally NOT PREFERRED and are all no-nos in formal situations. Yes, yes…we get it, you love WHAT WE DO and HOW WE LOOK not WHO WE ARE. Don’t tell me I’m fit or strong because I am black. I worked hard for this body, I practiced endlessly in this sport. Perhaps if you put in the effort yourself you’d be singing a different tune 6. Do not ask me if I like or possess any weed or any other illegal drug. Many of us must endure and cringe at these things and just accept them as the norm in Japan. This is not oversensitivity, this is about respecting something black people in general have constantly been denied. We, at e Harmony, are committed to helping black men and women find love that lasts, we are confident in our ability to do so.Our patented Compatibility Matching System® is the key differentiation between our service and that of traditional black dating services, and it is the main driver of our matching success.

However, we too have our fair share of grievances we want to get off our chests. Stop trying to imitate black women in an attempt to impress us.

Don’t use words like dope, swag, gangsta in an attempt to connect with us. Most of these things (and many other harsher ones) are experienced in our home countries where we are also minorities; where racism persists.

Many of us try our best to acknowledge the dos and don’ts of Japan in order to not cause offence as we too have our own. 黒人や黒人の体のフェチにならないこと。それはモノ扱いだし、人種差別です。黒人はモノではなく、人です。 17. あなた方が「ブラックカルチャー」や「B系」と呼ぶものは、黒人文化のごく一部です。他の名前をつけた方がいいかもしれませんね。世界中の黒人の過半数は、それらと関わりがない生活を送っています。 18. 友達にいいよと言われても、ニガーと言わないこと。ダメなものはダメ。ある日、大変なことになりますよ。 19. 黒人の見た目や肌の色で国籍を決めつけないこと(アメリカ、ジャマイカ、アフリカしか知らないようですが)。黒人は世界中どこにでもいます。 20.

Thousands of miles east and we still get the same shit!?

What you call ブラックカルチャーand B系 are only a very small fraction of what we do. The majority of black people in the world are disconnected from these things.

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