Blind guy driving blind dating comments dating tips for shy guys

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Blind guy driving blind dating

Now knowing that Anne wasn't going to leave me in that home for the blind, our relationship began anew.

I haven't really heard of a home for the recently blind, but that is what was on my mind at the time.A visually impaired person doesn't have the advantage of driving or walking by the new and wonderful eateries and making a mental note for the next date.Also, a visually impaired person must find new ways to stay in the loop on the latest movies and other entertainment options.Though it may not be worth the two cents, I agreed to give it a shot.Truth is, when I lost my sight in 2001 (due to retinal detachment and optic nerve damage as a result of the chicken-pox virus), my now wife and I were already together and had been for several years.

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Today I am able to find those new restaurants and can take charge where and when needed.

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