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For example, 'SET rrd_default_in_ds DS0' and 'SET rrd_default_in_ds DS1' will make the default DS names DS0 and DS1 respecively so MRTG users don't need to specify the DS names in every TARGET line.For any other special rrdtool 'tweaks', you can SET rrd_options to a string which is added directly to the rrdtool command-line.These allow users or third-parties to easily add new data sources into Weathermap without altering the core code.There are a number of plugins supplied as standard, which will be described here.It reads data from rrd files, created using Tobi Oetiker's RRDtool, by tools like Cacti, MRTG, Cricket, NRG and so on.

With no prefix, or with just 'rrd:' as a prefix, the data read from the rrd file is assumed to be a standard SNMP interface counter, which is a byte-rate.You might need to make it read back further, if you are updating your rrd files slowly.You can do this with the SET command, by adding 'SET rrd_period 3000' (any value in seconds) at the top of your map config file, before any NODE or LINK lines.Finally, you can use the 'scale:' prefix to multiply by any factor - suppose you have a value in seconds, and you want to show it in milliseconds for example.Of course, you can also divide using this, by using a scale factor that is less than 1 - multiplying by 1/x is the same as dividing by x.

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Similarly, you can change the time that the plugin looks for data at from the present to the past, by using 'SET rrd_start -1d' in the top section of the config file.

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