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Selfers may produce more flowers to enhance their female reproductive success under the nonlinear trade-offs in which more resources can be used by increasing flower number.

This strongly suggests that allocation early in the hierarchy also changes in response to selection by selfing, because the smaller investment per flower in selfers can only be achieved by changes in allocation fraction at the early levels. Plants allocate their total resources between floral (boldface, examined in this study) and vegetative function, then subdivide floral resources among (one or two) flowers, and further subdivide resources within flowers.Wu M erscheint 6mal jährlich und umfasst inhaltlich die drei Hauptbereiche Technologie, Strategie und Management.Wu M schlägt damit die Brücke zwischen Technologie und Business.Flowers of selfing plants generally have smaller attractive structures than those of outcrossers.This phenomenon has been explained by sex-allocation theory, which considers allocation of resources to different floral functions, yet its hierarchical structures have mostly been ignored in previous studies.

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