Canadian dating disabled group

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Canadian dating disabled group

The proportion of those reporting a disability among adult women was 14.9%; for men, 12.5%.Among the oldest Canadians (those 75 and older), 44.5% of women reported a disability compared to 39.8% of men.As a result, comparisons cannot be made between An estimated 3.8 million adult Canadians reported being limited in their daily activities due to a disability in 2012. Over 11% of Canadian adults experienced one of the three most prevalent disability types: pain, mobility or flexibility.

Bill 59 was delayed last fall after heavy criticism from the groups it was supposed to help.

Sue Uteck, of the March of Dimes Canada, told the legislature's law amendments committee that the Accessibility Act is weaker than similar legislation in Ontario and Manitoba -- the only provinces with accessibility laws.

"If enacted as is, it would be the weakest such law in effect in any province that has enacted a comprehensive disability accessibility law," said Uteck.

The prevalence of disability increases steadily with age: 2.3 million working-age Canadians (15 to 64), or 10.1%, reported having a disability in 2012, compared to 33.2% of Canadian seniors—those aged 65 or older.

Within the working-age population, those reporting a disability was 4.4% for people aged 15 to 24, 6.5% for those 25 to 44 and 16.1% for those 45 to 64.

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