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They are the repositories for each other's hopes and dreams. The simple distinction, you have a serious partner or you don't, maps onto the golden rule of singlism, the way of thinking that has become the conventional wisdom of our time: You have a serious partner or you lose. No matter what you can point to on your own behalf - spectacular accomplishments, a lifelong and caring convoy of relatives and friends, extraordinary altruism - none of it redeems you if you have no soulmate.

Others will forever be scratching their heads and wondering what's wrong with you and comparing notes (he's always been a bit strange; she's so neurotic; I think he's gay).

Otherwise, you both can pop out for some street food, 6) They don’t whine: With a good portion of dutchland below sea level, the dutch have come up with innovative solutions to keep water out of their land for hundreds of years.

7) They don’t go dutch: The ‘let’s split this bill in half’ theory is designed to make girls steer clear of the dutchies.

A reader just emailed to ask about my definition of single. I was surprised to discover that, even though I've been blogging here since March of 2008, I've never written a post on the meaning of 'single.' So in this post, I will: 1. Republish an excerpt of an interview with Jaclyn Geller, in which I asked her whether 'single' is even the right word to use 3.

My Three Senses of Single I think of 'single' in three different ways, which often overlap. (That's one of the reasons why same-sex marriage is pursued with such intensity.) Also, some of the people in your life might think it matters whether you are legally married. This is a much more slippery matter than the legal definition. Usually, if other people see you as coupled, you do, too. Sometimes other people think you are Jack And Jill but you see yourself as Jack. Maybe there were two people out to fetch a pail of water, but you climbed that damned hill yourself! Here's an excerpt from our conversation: Bella: I think I first learned that "spinster" once had a positive meaning from reading Here Comes the Bride. Is that the word you think we should use to refer to single women?3) They know that women run the world: Queens have held reign in the House of Orange like forever,…well from 1890 to 2013 to be precise, so I find dutch guys in some zany way quite respectful of womenfolk.A dutch guy is likely not to be domineering, but surprise surprise, won’t mind if you are.Polikoff suggests a few different phrases: "valuing all families;" "intra-dependent." In my book I suggest reviving the term "spinster," which in England, before the onset of the modern marriage mystique, just meant a financially independent woman who supported herself by spinning - by manufacturing textiles.The term is so negative, at this point, that it's probably one few women will want to embrace, so "spinster by choice," might be better.

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