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He calls his brother Ben on the phone (arguably the main vector for horror during this season) but can barely get a word out.Eventually he shouts that someone stole his car – a laugh line, given what we thought might be on its way out of those woods to destroy him – but he continues to react to his big bro in a strange, almost dissociative way. " at the top of his lungs for the fear to stop gnawing at us and the laughter to begin.As Jacques would say in a thick French-Canadian accent, "Bite ze bullet, baby."Which is not to say that all the evil on display this week is banal – far from it, in fact.In the town of Buckland, Navy Lieutenant Cynthia Knox arrives to discover the decapitated, impossibly young corpse of the long-missing Major Garland Briggs.And good-hearted Doc Hayward (Warren Frost, the late father of co-creator and co-writer Mark Frost) puts in a last appearance via Skype in sequence in a powerful (and sometimes very funny) sequence.

Their scene together begins, well, without them at all.

As the camera slowly pans around in a circle, showing us the hotel's wooden decor, a high ambient tone grows louder and louder.

Slow camera movement, strange sonic cues – a surefire signal something strange is about to happen, right? It turns out the duo can hear it too; that it's been going on for a week or so; and that they can't locate its point of origin no matter how hard they try.

The fact that the note is more pretty than creepy lends a certain sensual oomph to the scene, which seems to show a potential romance in the making between the two characters. " "Oh, that, my dear, is a long story," he responds.

It's a far cry from the Black Lodge visit you might have expected. To be fair, "Oh, she's the underage girl I fell in love with while she was working in a prostitution ring I helped bankroll before she was murdered by my demonically possessed lawyer, who was also her father" is a bit of a mouthful. The answer that springs to mind is "why the hell not," and hey, that's perfectly valid.

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The hope we have to cling to is that there are enough ties to the past, and the noble people who reside there, to put the world to rights again.