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At the time, no mosque in Belgium conducted Friday prayers in Dutch, so Muslims who didn’t speak Arabic or Turkish had difficulty following sermons.De Koepel became a home not only for converts but for hundreds of second- and third-generation Moroccans and Turks.

When Jejoen was eight, the Bontincks had a daughter, Iris.“Dance yourself dizzy,” a judge said, and Jejoen moonwalked through the preliminary round. ” Dimitri told the show’s host, a former Miss Belgium named Véronique de Kock.“You’re gonna hear from him, sweetie.”Jejoen was soon eliminated, but four years later, when he least wanted the attention, he became the focus of hundreds of articles in the Belgian press.But when Jejoen was fifteen he started doing poorly in math, and had to transfer to a remedial high school. At that point, Dimitri told me, Jejoen “fell down in a black hole.”Jejoen described this period to the police as one of “searching” and “looking for an alternative to the pain.” When he was sixteen, he started dating a Moroccan girl at his new school, who introduced him to Islam, and told him that if he wanted to keep seeing her he had to learn about the religion. ” online, and, on August 1, 2011, the first day of Ramadan, he converted at De Koepel Mosque.De Koepel, which means “The Dome,” was founded in Antwerp, in 2005, by Belgian converts.

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But he added, of what Jejoen did divulge, “We haven’t found one element that is not correct.”I met Jejoen several times last winter, usually at his mother’s home, in Antwerp, where he was awaiting sentencing in Belgium’s largest terrorism trial.

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