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Christian authors dating

No discrepancy judging or altering of scores shall be permitted. The top three (3) titles in each category will continue to the final judging round.

Fee of for ACFW Members per entry must be paid online via Pay Pal or credit card, or mail a money order or check made out to ACFW and sent to: ACFW, P. Box 101066, Palm Bay, FL 32910-1066 DO NOT SEND CASH.

In this event, ACFW will ship the books to the correct judges. Authors shall understand and agree that all scores are final once submitted by the judge into the contest system.

Scores are determined by each judge according to an established guideline/scoresheet.

There have only been two times in my writing life when I have known the title of a book before I started writing: And the Shofar Blew and The Masterpiece. [Read More...]Our town of Santa Rosa has many small, and a few large, churches.

In the case of the first, I had no idea what a shofar was or how it would play out in a story. When I say large, I’m not talking Mid-west or Texas-in-the-thousands-large, but hundreds. [Read More...]Crossing the Jordan is a local non profit in Santa Rosa.

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