Chubby chaser chat online what to expect after dating for one month

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Chubby chaser chat online

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By the mid-80s, there were two ways for someone who was into weight gain to discover others like themselves: By attending a big men’s meeting like Girth & Mirth--where a handful of attendees might share their interest--or by finding personal or Dragongate ads in gay publications.

During much of this time, the terms “gainer” and “encourager” didn’t exist, so personal ads tended to specifically describe what the poster wanted. ” read one ad placed in the New York Native (now defunct) in 1983.

John passed his contact list to Ollie Lee Taylor in Florida, who then launched XXXLNT in 1989.

In 1990, John Outcalt launched Encouragement magazine from New York, having been inspired by John Stone’s efforts (going so far as to borrow John’s last name for his publishing pseudonym, Ben Stone).

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In 1992, John Outcalt started the first-ever convention for gainers and encouragers, Encourage Con, which would remain the only such convention until the last one was held in 2003.