Consolidating intercompany inventory

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Consolidating intercompany inventory

The Consolidated Reports sub-module extracts data from multiple Sage 300 companies and generates consolidated A/R and A/P aging and transaction listing reports.Intercompany G/L Distributions sub-module enables account balance allocation from an account(s) in the source company to another account in the source and/or destination companies.However, the Main Module is required for all sub-modules.There is no predefined limitation on the number of destination companies processed in Intercompany Utilities.If you are not registered as a SYSTRONICS Partner and wish to do so, please click here.By downloading this SYSTRONICS product you agree to the Terms and Conditions.The PO-OE Trade Automation sub-module facilitates cross company transactions in purchase and sales processes.Posting a Purchase Order in the purchasing company for a particular entity defined as a vendor, automatically initiates a corresponding Sales Order in the selling company database where the purchasing company is defined as a customer.

Intercompany Utilities uses Sage 300 Integration Access Packs (IAP) while connecting from the logged on company to another Sage 300 company.

The deletion/cancellation of the transaction in the destination company must be done manually.

The transaction appears in the Approval Console either because the user does not have security right to post it in the destination company or the transaction fails to post automatically due to some errors (amount discrepancies, different UOMs, etc.).

Intercompany Utilities consists of separate sub-modules and each sub-module requires a separate licensing.

A user may buy only those sub-modules which he or she is interested in.

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