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Generators do not start instantaneously, so colocation facilities usually have battery backup systems.

In many facilities, the operator of the facility provides large inverters to provide AC power from the batteries.

For certain industrial and high-end consumer devices, it is also possible to use a water cooling system.

As a typical data center will consist of thousands of individual servers concentrated in a relatively small area, large amounts of heat are produced.

They may allow customers to order cross-connects to carriers, but not to other customers.

This may provide better energy efficiency, and may reduce the number of parts that can fail, though the reduced voltage greatly increases necessary current, and thus the size (and cost) of power delivery wiring.

An alternative to batteries is a motor generator connected to a flywheel and diesel engine.

Some colocation centres feature a "meet-me-room" where the different carriers housed in the centre can efficiently exchange data.

Most peering points sit in colocation centres and because of the high concentration of servers inside larger colocation centres, most carriers will be interested in bringing direct connections to such buildings.

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