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I used to go to sleep well enough and wake up just like any other normal person, with a bit of a struggle and dismay but i woke up fine.

But nowadays i have to battle with myself for hours just to even get my head to lift. Just thinking about leaving my dream hurts so bad that i want to fall back asleep and continue dreaming.

I have browsed around on the internet and have found various interesting articles about sleeping disorder and i must wonder to myself if i may also have one of some sort.

The fact that they may not have known about safe precautions. Promises are like balloons with helium in them, they take you high but as soon as the helium is finished you drop back to earth and hit your ass on the pavement real hard! What struck me was the amount of emotion he puts into his songs.

Thats just not normal Tags: have, having, how, obsession, people, Personal, problem, reason, sleep, solve, sydrome, to, why You may not know this but many people are scared of love particularly the kind of love that needs you to make yourself vulnerable.

If you are one of those people please keep on reading..

But i would like to recommend you listening to either “Breathing your love” by darin zanyer and kat deluna .

Especially the acoustic version of that song is so well sung that it could bring tears to your eyes. I know it sounds strange but experiencing it , is strange enough on its own.

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