Dating a controlling married man

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Dating a controlling married man

Why would a controlling man change when he has all of the perks of being controlling?

No matter what side of the fence you’re on both can agree that this is a very controversial and moralistically sensitive topic. The touch of a hand, an innocent conversation, a glance?

The next two questions that often come up when women realize they are involved with a controlling man are these: #1: What do I do about it? In answer to #1, if you are not married to this person or otherwise committed (financially, with children, etc.), then the answer is leave now. Yes you may still love him and think he has tons of potential if only he didn't show his “bad side.” But that leads us to question #2, and the answer is not likely.

A controlling man must be highly motivated to change his behavior, and he must be highly motivated to maintain new healthy behaviors once he acknowledges his controlling personality.

The charm turned into manipulation, and his kindness hinged on your towing the line.

It turns out, your perfect guy is a control freak who demands that everything is his way or the highway.

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