Dating a high school girl

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Dating a high school girl

I think you're awesome." You won't regret at least trying.Source: Shutter Stock You'll probably be invited to a million graduation parties, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one of your own.If you’re a high school senior, then you obviously already know that graduation is right around the corner.

It was so fun because everyone was there, and it was like a big party...

If you're afraid to do it in person, give him/her a note or do it through Facebook.

You don't have to make a dramatic gesture or confess your true love - you can just say something like, "Hey, it would be really cool if we could hang out this summer before college.

The last few months of senior year were when I solidified many friendships that I still have, made new friends that I wished I had had all four years, and participated in school activities that I actually found enjoyable. Make these last few weeks count by doing everything on this bucket list… Here are 16 things every high school senior must do before graduation: If your prom hasn't happened already, please go to it.

Look, I know prom is kind of lame and never really lives up to all of the hype. You'll regret not participating even a little bit when you're older, for real.

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Georgia's inevitable revelation about who she really loves comes in the most insincere and forced way possible.

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