Dating a man with a wandering eye Sex deutschland

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As much as it might be a difficult concept to process, there may come a time in your life when your partner wants to start seeing other people.

It doesn't mean they want to give you up entirely but, instead, they may want to feel out the waters of what else the world has to offer them. But sometimes it just happens and when it does, it's important to be aware of the signs.

"He or she may look forward to seeing someone who is attractive, and with whom they flirt.

When you see that excitement in your partner, because he or she can’t wait to visit with a flirty friend, it’s because they want more than just flirtation.

In other words, as Masini explains, they're trying to "test the waters without you there."Although there are couples who engage in swinging and threesomes that don't necessarily want to see other people, if this is something you and your partner haven't discussed before, but all of a sudden it's on the table, then something could be up.

Just remember, if that's the case, you're in no way obligated to stay with them while they try to "find themselves," or "sow their wild oats," or whatever line they give you.

Although it's human nature to notice someone who's good looking, no matter than gender, when your partner's eye is wandering a little too often and lingering a little too long, that's a sign that their interests are starting to go to other places.

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I understand that insecurity is a big problem today, especially for women.

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In fact, there are far better reasons than insecurity for why it's problematic: It's just downright disrespectful of the company he's with. It's troubling that his response is to rant and rave about your insecurities. Far from mustering any sympathy for your distress, he's taking your vulnerability and using it as a weapon against you.