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Long-legged Balsom, from Royston, in Hertfordshire, has a six-year-old son with top conductor Edward Gardner, 41, from whom she separated in 2011.Gardner, former music director of the English National Opera, now lives in Norway.At some point, one of our ancestors with a sore throat or other need, must have decided to use an animal horn trumpet in place of his voice.Once that innovation occurred, use for signaling not just prey, but alarm and victory would surely have followed.However, ancient horn trumpets cannot be distinguished from other Pleistocene and Neolithic uses of animal horns.Also, trumpets were only used as signaling devices, not instruments generally in the earliest civilizations.After the hunt, some scholars, looking to present-day simians, believe that triumphant vocalization was utilized to celebrate success.They also suspect that by the time proto-humans began rudimentary funerary practices, vocalization of sadness was also probably a part of human culture.

The modern humans, the homo-sapiens, having appeared on the earth approximately 200,000 years ago, music and the trumpet predate our species.The next extension of this supposition is that, like the wolf and some monkeys, in the evening after eating and before rest, they vocalized together as a communal activity.What sounds like howling for no reason to us, was the very first music and came well in advance of spoken language or even homo-sapiens.Oscar-winning Winslet also has a two-year-old son with her third husband Rocknroll, who changed his name by deed poll from Ned Abel Smith.With secrecy befitting the director of 007 films Spectre and Skyfall, Mendes has conducted his romance with Balsom away from the spotlight, although he was pictured with his arm around her at a Suffolk charity event in April.

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