Dating a supermodel

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Start small, and make a commitment to yourself to take action immediately after a situation presents itself.It could be anything from picking up a piece of trash from the ground, to going in for the first kiss.So, without these values, our choices will bring us all over the map and we will find it increasingly difficult to live a fulfilling life.Perhaps even more important though – is making sure we remain flexible and open to new information.Your appearance plays a big role in how others see you, and how you see yourself (literally). Being able to recognize greatness in others is a quality only outweighed by your ability to let them know you’ve recognized it.If we make it a habit to regularly compliment others, it becomes apparent how rarely positive qualities are actually acknowledged in today’s society.

If you do something wrong and refuse to acknowledge it, you run the risk of destroying your relationship with the person who deserves your apology – which essentially means you value your ego over your friendships. A mistake is only a mistake until we learn something from it, and then it becomes a lesson.Two things about Vegas that are always interesting facts is that in Vegas, the house always wins—always, and second, Vegas is the second largest bar and restaurant population per square block aside from Key West, Florida.There are more bars, liquor stores, bodegas, restaurants than almost any other place on this planet.It is only when you listen that you take in new information and can more effectively speak on the topics at hand.Plus, everyone likes to be around somebody who actively listens and pays attention to what they say, it shows you have depth and character.

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People view apologies as a submissive action, like a dog who puts its tail between its legs.