Dating agenties

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Dating agenties

We value that you'd rather speak to a seasoned relationship adviser rather than fill out online profiles and forms.While you can get in touch via our website, we'd much rather chat to you personally over the telephone.An important part of our service is to advise, counsel or simply listen to your concerns.

Our members live or work within the North West & West Yorkshire region.

Select Services offer a high standard of customer service with dating consultants available for advice at all times.

We make sure all our customers are interviewed and we're the only dating agency Manchester to use a unique feedback scoring system which allows one to establish a powerful relationship on the basis of the assemblies you've got with our users.

Listen to the LBC radio interview with Nick Ferrari and Heather Heber Percy; one of Britain’s foremost introduction agency specialists.

"It has been observed that clones long for companionship once they arrive in Utopia. Utopians are hence housed in pairs in the hope that they might breed and recreate the formula for new life that Utopia Corp. To aid this process, Matchmakers try and arrange for suitable genetic matches though they have little success thus far.

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Here you'll find just how much difference we've made to many people lives.