Dating an upperclassman

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Having All The Time In The World to Becoming A Real Adult Underclassmen: Appreciate your opportunity to be a freshmen.I know you probably hear this all the time, but the next four years really will just fly by Any Taste to Acquired Taste Underclassmen: Not having an acquired taste for anything your freshmen year is actually a wonderful thing.Sophomores are not yet upperclassmen but they're more respected than Freshman. The Upperclassmen and the Freshman.......(STORY)Freshman: "Hey whats up? I heard theres a party tonight, can you tell me where its at? But I'm really excited about love and believe in it all.I’d still fall for someone regardless of whether we’re graduating."Decorating" Your Dorm Room to Decorating Your Apartment Underclassmen: Freshman year your dorm room most likely contains at least one American Flag, a few strings of hand-me-down Christmas lights you stole from your parents and at least a thousand printed pictures taped on the wall.Drinking Franzia Straight From The Box to Drinking Champagne From A Glass Flute Underclassmen: "Lets just all chip in on a box of Franzia, stick the bag in someone's oversized purse and drink it straight from there at the party." Enough said.

Although all years of college are a time for you to find yourself and figure out your acquired taste, its so important to remember to try new things your freshmen year whilst in search for yourself and who you want to be.

House Parties to Bars Underclassmen: Its all about the glow-light basement parties full of cheap kegs of beer and sweaty dancers grinding on each other Upperclassmen: If you're not 21 yet, you most likely are looking into getting a fake ID because all of your friends are interested in going downtown and are over the sweaty-basement parties that everyone used to be SO into.

One Million Half-Friends to A Good Group of Close-Knit Friends Underclassmen: When you first came to your college town, you were eager to meet people in hopes of finding a few that could potentially become your best friends. Hang out with as many people as you can so you can find the right fit for what you are looking for in a friend.

– Matt*I’m happy being single, but I also like the idea that there’s someone out there who likes you, thinks about you all the time, and wants to be with you.

Guys don’t ever approach me and people say it’s because I’m intimidating but I literally look like I’m 12 years old so I don’t get it.

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Relying On Parents/Graduation Money to Having to Actually Get A Job Underclassmen: I remember freshmen year when I still had plenty of gifts of money leftover from my graduation party and my parents to continually offer me support for the little things I had to pay for…can I be a freshman again?

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