Dating and courtship in preparation for marriage

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Dating and courtship in preparation for marriage

Engaging in Parental Consent for Marriage is a four-unit course centered in the Bahá’í belief that marriage is intended to be a unifying experience for a family.

It explores the knowledge and skills needed during courtship as well as those that help build family unity throughout the process leading up to a marriage.

FACULTY: Wendi Momen, Fiona Mc Donald Dates: December 26, 2017 – February 9, 2018 In Creating Unity with Friendship, Fun, Social Vitality, and Laughter, come build unified friendships, relationships, marriages, and communities with this light-hearted skill-building course.

Expand your ability to deepen friendships, have fun together, extend hospitality, share humorous stories, take a lighter approach to challenges, and more.

Are you curious about what qualities in a partner would compliment yours? Are you confused about where to begin your search for a potential partner or overwhelmed by online dating services?

Have you already met someone with potential, but are wondering whether they are going to be a good match for marriage? Come and explore these questions and more to empower you in all areas regarding meeting and choosing a potential marriage partner.

The course covers the purpose and process of parental consent, a requirement for Bahá’í marriages; the couple’s responsibilities during courtship and before asking parents for consent to marry; parental responsibilities during courtship, consent, and engagement; and building a united family.

FACULTY: Susanne Alexander, Marabeth Lum Dates: October 31 – November 17, 2017 Are you clear about what characteristics you’d bring into a marriage?

Individuals and couples thrive when they are engaged in personal and couple growth and development founded on spiritual teachings.Faculty: Relationships and Marriage Team Dates: Starts December 1, 2017 You are in a serious relationship and wondering whether you can be successful together in marriage.Come explore your shared vision of a possible unified future life together.All learners will have access to a wide range of marriage enrichment resources.The course is suitable for engaged and married couples.

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Registration: The Wilmette Institute provides discounts and scholarships as needed to groups, couples, youth, senior citizens, and pioneers.

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