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What he doesn’t know is I’m a very feminine woman, despite my jeans that don’t show the full shape of my behind or the scent of my Polo Red fragrance.I have no interest in accepting his challenge to battle over whose Calvin Klein’s are bigger.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Like what Northrope Frye said "everyone is born bisexual, its jus society who really determines their sexual preference." Go for it, if u haven't, Guys like lesbians as well :)tarasin if the female body is so much more appealing , then why do you want to strap on a dick?Do you mean appealing for you while your wearing a strap on ..nevermind I just answered my own question.carry onok.. He was actually jealous when he found out it was more than just a girls night out............... ladies, if you're bi-curious and you've got a man, and you go out and fool around with another girl without him knowing about it, do you consider it cheating? I mean, who’s to say your bi-curious partner won’t leave you for another woman.Therefore, I can’t possibly keep her away from every man (woman, or person) she comes in contact with; that’s just ridiculous.

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Most humans experience erotic desires, act on those desires, and have relationships in a social context.

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