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However, his body had been so well preserved in the cave that they thought the corpse they found was only a few days old.

They went through the files of everybody who worked in the mine but nobody was missing.

The region Dalarna in Sweden is a somewhat popular travel destination, however not one that been visited much by us. Ake has been to Dalarna at least once before in his life, that was when he visited Engelsberg Ironworks, but neither of us has actually travelled there.

We have a friend who has recently moved to Leksand in Dalarna and when we visited him we also managed to squeeze in some sightseeing.

In 1677 he was trapped when a remote section of the mine suddenly collapsed.

For fear of further cave-ins they decided not to excavate the area where the accident happened and Mats Israelsson’s body was not recovered.

It was operated, mainly as a copper mine and in later years as a gold mine, from the 10 th century until 1992.

When you travel in Dalarna it is almost impossible to avoid seeing Dala Horses.

They are displayed in every shop where souvenirs are sold, there are Dala Horse statues put up in parks and pictures of Dala Horses can be found in more places that you can count.

In other parts of Sweden the maypoles are decorated for the festivities and possibly left for a week or so.

But when the flowers die and turn brown (read: "when the hangover from the midsummer party finally goes away") the maypoles are taken down, dismantled and stored somewhere until next year. Many maypoles, stripped of the dead flowers, remain standing all year around.

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Each year many people who live elsewhere travel to Dalarna for that holiday to join the celebrations.