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The competing claims of the United States and Britain to the Pacific Northwest and the inability of Spain and Mexico to control the region they actually owned promoted a cold war, with the furs of the central Rocky Mountain region as the winner's prize.Beaver hats became the latest fashion rage, and prime pelts brought top prices.Word of the approach of a British man-of-war gave an immediate meaning to the term "hostile takeover," and the Astorians prudently sold out to the British-owned North West Fur Company.In the meantime, however, a party of Astorians led by Robert Stuart returned to the United States from Oregon in 1812.From bases at Fort Vancouver, located north across the Columbia River from present-day Portland, and St.

The most famous Taos Trapper quickly became Etienne Provost, for whom Provo is named. Louis became the gathering point for the Taos Trappers to bring their furs, American businessmen used the Mississippi River port as a convenient base for operations as well.The reports of Rivera and Dominguez and Escalante led to the anticipation of riches on the northern fringes of Hispanic domains.With little interest in converting Indians, however, these entrepreneurs sought more tangible rewards in Utah and western Colorado by trading corn, firearms, liquor, and roses with the Utes for furs and Paiute slaves.For about a month and a half after mid-February 1822, William H.Ashley ran an advertisement for himself and his partner, Andrew Henry, inviting "Enterprising Young Men" to ascent the Missouri to work at some undisclosed occupation for several years.

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