Dating hand hewn beams

Posted by / 22-Jul-2017 17:57

Dating hand hewn beams

Hand-forged iron hardware of all kinds, plus barn hardware, door and window hardware, decorative folk art wind vanes and all kinds of other accessories to give your renovation project or old home the authentic touch.

The Timber Frame Barn offers a wonderful opportunity to create or enhance the larger structure such as a lodge, restaurant, bed and breakfast, or even a barn.

The beauty of this distressed old growth wood is so beautiful and different from wood you can purchase today and it cannot be reproduced.

The acquired characteristics of this naturally aged product include cracks, knots, peg holes, surface checking, insect scaring, nail holes, and color variation.

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We have vintage chestnut, oak, pine and other lumber, barn siding, flooring, and hand-hewn beams.