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The first of the videos featured the May 23 invasion of Weinstein's classroom at about 50 angry students provoked by what they characterized as Weinstein's racism. " The video followed the students yelling the chant in unison as they tried to block the campus police (probably called in by one of Weinstein's biology students) shielding Weinstein as he exited the building.Bridges countered that the University of Chicago was simply "tone deaf to the academic and developmental needs of many students." The Evergreen State protesters at the May 24 meeting, munching their pizza slices while a jacketless, white-shirted Bridges stood abjectly before them holding a multipage list of their written demands, clearly regarded such solicitude for their sensibilities as so much contemptible weakness. A male student standing behind Bridges informed him that if he didn't respond to the occupying students' list by 5 p.m. A knot of students on the other side of the table turned that into a chant: "We want gumbo! (The best-known of these colleges is the University of California, Santa Cruz, founded in 1965.) Many of the nontraditional colleges, including Evergreen, quickly became known as "hippie colleges" because they tended, as they still do, to attract a distinctly nontraditional student body.The meeting opened with this exchange between a female protester and Bridges: "All of us are students and have homework and projects and things due. I have not done it yet, I will do it right now." "So they need to be told that these assignments won't be done on time, and we don't need to be penalized for that." Jeers and general derision followed, as Bridges tried to shush them with his free hand and make himself heard. I have claustrophobia." That psychological condition might have resonated with the high achievers at Whitman. that Friday, May 26, "you need to pay for a potluck." Bridges was amenable to that order, too: "We'll be paying for a potluck anyway," he replied. Evergreen, for example, proudly bills itself as "progressive" on its website.

But as Evergreen students have complained online, too many of their loosely supervised classmates simply coast along majoring in drugs and tattoos.

Evergreen's likely most famous graduate is Matt Groening (class of 1977), creator of .

The college's likely most famous nongraduate was Rachel Corrie, accidentally bulldozed to death in 2003 in an Israeli military operation in Gaza during the Second Intifada.

The school's motto is—no joke—: Let it all hang out.

Some students have clearly thrived in the campus's do-your-own-thing atmosphere, on its thousand-acre waterfront campus that combines towering eponymous fir trees with concrete-overloaded Brutalist architecture.

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Evergreen has a 98 percent acceptance rate of applicants (in contrast to the 45 percent acceptance rate at the state's flagship University of Washington), and 20 to 30 percent of its freshmen either drop out or transfer after the first year—perhaps because they seek a more focused curriculum in these tight-economy, post-2008 crash days when the hiring market can be dicey, or perhaps because they decide that they were never college material in the first place (in-state tuition is relatively cheap at $6,500 per year, but it's not free).