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Dating length divorce

In my jewelry box were a couple of modest gold and diamond rings that a relative had given me when I married. I did some research and decided to try to sell the rings at Cashfor Gold USA and Cashfor Diamonds USA (they have the same parent company), one of those places that advertise on TV. From past research I’ve done as a business journalist on selling gold jewelry (including dental fillings. The other, similar, but of indeterminate quality, was actually returned.I’m not kidding), I know mail-in services like this can be a good deal, as can your local pawn shop. I was at first disappointed, but the rejection made me trust the company more.In the back of my mind I thought I would give them to my daughter one day — a token of the marriage that produced her. I thought to the handful of people I know who had used wedding rings left over from marriages that had ended in divorce.Plus, I just wasn’t ready to sell the engagement ring — or part with that time of my life. Some of those rocks were impressive – far more expensive than the young couple could have afforded on their own.And so last summer I decided to sell my engagement ring.

I also think that selling those diamond and gold rings has something to do with the fact that my ex and I have been getting along better than since before our split. Maura: I have been looking to sell my ring for at least five years and I did not find any good ways of selling it.When I say “good ways” I definitely wasn’t coming close to getting the value that I would have liked to have gotten for the ring. I felt like I had my safety net ready when I needed it, even though there was no way to actually get a decent price for it.So, when I discovered Worthy, of course I wanted to look into it to see what I could get for my ring. Or did you sell your wedding ring, give it away, turn it into a necklace, or throw it out the car window into a ditch on the way home from the court date finalizing your divorce?They have historically been just focused on being a diamond buyer, but have branched out into high end watches and are looking to expand further in the future.Plus, there are dozens of reviews and video testimonials from very happy customers. They are very transparent: if they don’t sell your item for at least the reserve price, they return it to you, free of charge, no questions asked.

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