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Dating my bosss daughter

She eagerly takes hers and begins to sip it slowly to avoid a possible brain freeze.We pull away and are headed toward Emory Estates when I remembered we needed some entertainment.Duncan's office, Sarah called up to announce she was coming by to visit her dad.I told her that he was very busy but she could still come up and wait if she wanted.I turn onto Davis Blvd and into Your Entertainment's parking lot.We get out and head to the over sized toy conglomerate."Okay it is time to go now," I called to Sarah who was transfixed on one more item.

"Do you like what you see," came her voice, low and smooth. "Little girl, you have no idea what you want and if I gave it to you, you'd have a hard time wanting anything else," I said daringly. Duncan came out of his office and I quickly stood to break the obvious attraction between his daughter and I. See you in two days and call if there's an emergency," He called back as he walked into his office and shut the door.

The receptionist behind the desk winked at me and I smiled and nodded as we passed.

"Hey, wait," she called as we reached the front door. "I just wanted to give you my phone number and home address if you wanted to tickle my ivories every once in a while." I looked down at the piece of paper and in light script was her name, address, phone number and measurements. I playfully caught it and told her to expect a call tonight. She looked up at me and smiled then followed me as I walked through the door.

I pressed the security button to unlock our floor and saw that she was already on the elevator. What are you up to," asked an obviously exhausted Sarah.

She sat in my favorite chair across from me and didn't bother to close her legs.

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  1. Unfortunately the high percentage of girls who are only on Tinder to get the acceptance of being swiped right means we're back to the tried and true approach of internet dating.