Dating myths about interacial dating

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Dating myths about interacial dating

They asked us to be a bit detailed about our answers.

There were two girls going around the hall where this class was located, asking a few people from each class their thoughts on interracial and gay relationships, and the students had to write their answers down so they could quote them truthfully and not twist words if they were to publish it. They were doing this survey because it might have been approved to be in the school newspaper(it probably won't because like two people said they disapprove of those kinds of relationships...

There's about enough White female race-mixers for every Negro male in America to have 2.

Sometimes many young white people will say they are open to interracial dating because they want to appear politically correct and not racist.....personally they prefer their sites and stastistics reflect this.

I don't think racial mixing is accepted in Eastern Cultures and they have a greater sense of racial awareness Whats with WN's and the obsessions with interracial dating?

I see nothing except WNS bitching and moaning about attractive white girls with black men or handsome white studs with Asian girls.

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Guess which one of these society has a problem with?

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