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Dating of the book of job

In the book of Ezekiel, we hear a short version of the Job story where Job saves his children through his faithfulness (Ezek , Ezek ), which does not seem to correspond to the biblical book of Job.We also see a lively ancient tradition about a Job-figure who is always patient and never erupts in anger at God, as he does throughout the biblical version (see the Testament of Job and perhaps Jas , and compare to Job 9).That’s only 400 years difference; the Hebrew Bible covers Hebrew written from about 1800 BC to at least 430 BC, maybe later. Linguists can judge the age of a document based on how old its diction is. Genesis was written, or compiled, by Moses, some 430 years later!The difference in Job and Genesis is the same as our KJV and today! Job is in the time of the patriarchs, meaning the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. First, like Abe, Ike, and Jake, Job’s life is long.Most likely, it was somewhere after Babel and Abraham. He lived 140 years after the events of the book, but was old enough at that time to have seven sons and three daughters.Looking at contemporaries, Terah had Abraham at age seventy and, so if Job were say, fifty, then Job would have died at 190.There’s some debate, but the consensus is that the prose bookends are the older part, and were probably later separated and the poetry section inserted by an anonymous writer. ” The crazy thing is, though this book raises the question, God’s response is, “Who do you think you are?If you take the poetry section out and read the prose straight through, it doesn’t flow, so the middle prose section was likely removed, expanded in poetry, and replaced. If you said “patience,” you are in line with popular conception, but wrong! ” Let me finish today by summarizing the prologue of chapters 1-2.

And later still, the Jewish scribes responsible for the Old Greek version of the scriptures trimmed down the poetic section, particularly in the last third of the discourses, likely to make the book more palatable to changing literary tastes.

The Reagan book is older than my book, but mine covers earlier material.

Genesis covers Creation to the Flood, and then the era of the patriarchs.

I’ll let you know right off that these readings are long, as you probably figured out when you tackled five chapters of Job.

I’m going to do something different through Job, as opposed to what I did in Genesis or what I will do in Exodus onward. Much of what needs to be said from our perspective is in Job 1-2 and 41-42.

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