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Dating phrases english

well i to have met an amazing lady we have fun she is teaching me Romanian and i can say i am loving it as much as i love her but from time to time she tells me i need to learn English That for me is funny i am English it does not matter where we come from its what is in our hearts so this will help me a lot thank you live love and peace to all Hi Fay, We are very happy for you The translation is: "Mă îndrăgostesc de tine".Unfortunately we do not have the pronunciation of this exact phrase.One day we will translate the whole site in Russian as well, but I'm afraid it will take some time.Our Russian translation services are direct and do not use automatic tools.If you do not know IPA just say it from your heart and it will be as good or even better than a native speaker.All the best The Romanian translation is: "Îți sărut mâna", the phonetic translation is /ɨt͡sʲ sə'rut mɨ.na/ Just as a side note "sărut mâna" in Romanian is associated with old people, it is the polite form of greeting a much older person than you. I'm just trying to help with providing more context.

Hi Charlett, It's a very good remark, I will add it for our next round of recordings to be eventually added in the body of the above lesson.

Now there are two translations, but better two than none :) BRAVO! I also agree with the Admin, Romanian women are sincere and show full unconditional love.

I'd love to see more phases or quotes or expressions. It makes me happy to hear that this online Romanian lesson was helpful to you.

In theory we could translate this site in for more languages than the currently supported ones, and that includes Russian. Cum spuneam mai sus in engleză, nu intentionam in viitorul apropiat sa traducem tot site-ul in rusă dar dacă aveți întrebări specifice puteți să le postați pe orice pagina, de exemplu pe pagina aceasta direct in limba rusă si veți primi un răspuns in limba rusă (nu folosim motoare de traducere automate).

Would anyone be able to help and translate the following to English please Inger frumos si cald ce mi te'ai aratat in cale, ramai la fel de frumos si de curat.

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The most usual translation is: "Te voi iubi mereu" which literally means " I will love you frequently / all the time".

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