Dating pisces men

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Dating pisces men

How do I WORK the positive aspects of Venus in Pisces? Well, i too have Venus in Pisces so i may not be the objective source of wisdom on this that you desire.

However, i am sure there will be some super erudite people in the comments. I don’t personally ascribe these traits to Pisces as such but it does kind of like what i would call Lower Neptune conduct – the darker manifestation of Neptune-Pisces-12th House energy.

I understand that most people would ordinarily see these traits in men and run for the hills.

But yet here I am attracting these types in droves! one that includes having a relationship with a healthy, stable man that doesn’t need rescuing or needs to be kept in secret.

Because of the deep connection he has with his emotions, he’ll likely be artsy: a writer, musician, or something in the creative arts field. He’ll be happy to spoil you with gifts and compliments and even just a token show of appreciation will keep your Pisces man content. Though I’m sure he’ll appreciate any time spent in the bedroom, he will most enjoy role-playing and fantasy.

That also means that his mood can change from one day to the next, so be prepared to ride the wave the Pisces man is bound to take you on.1. When it’s time to get him a gift, a more personal, creative present will go a long way as opposed to a gift card to . This is a man who likes to escape reality every now and then, and that doesn’t stop under the sheets.

Venus in Pisces – anything in Pisces – does respond really well to visualization and cognitive work, altering your consciousness and changing up your self talk: I don’t know the degree of your Venus but Saturn is getting out of Sagittarius soon and Jupiter will be in Pisces-loving Scorpio.This can make it rather difficult to really get to know him and understand him.Intuitive The Pisces man relies more on his intuition rather than logic. He can be indecisive at times since he is trying to fight between what he feels is right and what others think is right.However, from my observations, my Venus sitting in Pisces has been a sore point to say the least. The men I seem to attract have had issues with alcohol, or diagnosed with a mental disorder, or can only offer an affair in secret.From what I have read up on, it would appear that these characteristics tend to be related to Pisceans.

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