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No one else at Cha seemed to recognize the soft-spoken, long-haired 28-year-old Mullenweg.

Maybe they had not yet read Business Insider, which recently ranked him No.

What he says about his hometown: "It's the most underappreciated city in North America," says Mullenweg, who spends more than two months of each year in Houston.

Mullenweg's work consumes most of his waking hours and takes him around the world.

He reportedly once turned down a 0 million offer for the company.

On his recent visit, he slumped on his couch, attired in a stylish button-down shirt, jeans and socks.

4 among the 10 most influential people online for making Word Press "synonymous with blogging." MEET MATT MULLENWEG Why he's famous: Mullenweg was 19 when he co-founded Word Press, which has grown into a ubiquitous platform used by everyone from citizen bloggers to CNN journalists to White House staffers.

"My friends here are way more balanced than people in other places," he said. Mullenweg was just 19 when he co-founded Word Press, the publishing software used by countless bloggers and business websites, and he is the force behind it.

The younger Mullenweg grew up in the Meyer Park area.

While he was at Johnston, his father took him to meetings of the Houston Area League of PC Users to hear guest speakers.

One night he stopped by Fox Hollow in the Heights to watch fellow grad Major Crooner sing.

Another night, he and his friends went to the Montrose-area wine bar Cha to hear a jazz trio featuring saxophonist Cory Wilson, another alumnus.

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